Samuel Draxler

COLLAPSE (or, falling flat)
October 3, 2015

Caitlin Baucom
Lauren Bakst
Sara Grace Powell
Max Steele

Curated by Samuel Draxler for the Knockdown Center

COLLAPSE (or, falling flat) COLLAPSE (or, falling flat) COLLAPSE (or, falling flat)

NYPAC, the New York Performance Artists Collective, is pleased to announce COLLAPSE (or, falling flat), an evening of curated performances at the Knockdown Center on October 3rd. The program is inspired by the legacy of failure in contemporary art, dance, and performance, as manifested in physical gestures (falling over, misstepping), unrealizable conceptual frameworks, and frustrated ideological objectives. COLLAPSE adopts failure as an artistic model that is itself past its prime. In a context where corporations can be too big to fail, how do technology and politics affect the possibilities of artistic acts of resistance, of therapeutic engagement? In what new ways can we disappoint each other?

COLLAPSE opens with a looped screening of a new video work by Caitlin Baucom. In Psycho/geographic, Baucom represents the body as a series of pathologized impulses, broken narratives, and failed social corrections. Lauren Bakst follows with a performance that combines elements constantly developing in her work: choreographed movements, procedural systems, and dryly humorous shout-outs to internet and pop culture. Sara Grace Powell presents a new technologically interrupted work about the vertical integration/synergy of the performance art market. The evening closes with a performance by Max Steele titled Mad Girl, a punk show about hell and feminism and mental illness.