Samuel Draxler

Gray Spaces
February 2015

Gray Spaces

"However, while neither black box nor white gallery models of performance neatly encapsulate any of the works, the artists are all invested in traditional genres of performance, pulling from dance and choreography, theater, and stand-up; performing on a stage for a seated audience; and balancing artistic intent with the desire to be engaging and entertaining.

"In this regard the closer color metaphor isn’t an even 'gray space,' but Fire Drill’s houndstooth jumpsuits: an interwoven pattern that combined elements to produce something new. The rapidly switching courses within and between performances, the constant pivots: these double the digital sampling and remixing that runs through the program in clips, videos, glitches, and drones.

"With technology creating new opportunities for creation, but also new means of mediating relationships, what does sincerity between an artist and audience look like? The performances in Gray Spaces, if not uniformly successful, are an attempt to engage with this new, remixed landscape, in which every action has its own baggage."

The full text is available at Image: Fire Drill.